Graphic Design Student Documentary

You have been asked to produce some video to be included as part of a short documentary about graphic design students. Work in groups of at least three. Everyone will pool their shots.

Shot Requests

Shot 1: Student working at a computer. Must include a wide shot (establishing shot), a medium shot, and a close up. Consider the storytelling potential of details such as using a wacom tablet.

Shot 2: Two students discussing a project over a piece of paper or at a white board. Be sure to capture the wide, medium and tight shots. As well try to capture some over the shoulder shots. Keep in mind the 180 degree rule.

Shot 3: Student Interview – Using lights and a microphone, shoot an interview with a student. Questions to ask:

  • What is your dream job/position/project?
  • What did you learn about graphic design that you didn’t know before coming to GDD?
  • Who is your biggest design inspiration (Muse)?

Shot 4: Students walking down hallway entering a classroom.



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