GD216 Drawing and Illustration II Course Outline

This course is a continuation of VA 113, Introduction to Drawing, and further explores perceptual and expressive drawing, traditional mediums, and perspective drawing. It introduces illustration for graphic and digital design (2D and 3D), the process of illustration, and professional practice. Students create illustrations from concept through to final compositions while exploring style, voice, storytelling, and emotional context.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

• apply and build on skills learned in VA 113 – Introduction to Drawing
• describe how illustration is used in graphic and digital design
• describe the process for an illustration project and the role of the art director and client
• define style, voice and emotional context in illustration
• research and generate reference material for illustration projects
• use drawings as a method for exploration, conceptual development, storyboarding, and communication
• demonstrate skills in one-point, two-point, and three-point perspective
• implement effective use of line, shape, tone, texture, volume, proportion, shadow, space, composition, and scale in illustration
• develop techniques for applying traditional mediums
• create illustrations for graphic and digital design projects
• critique and evaluate the effectiveness of an illustration
• demonstrate professionalism for the incremental and timely completion of project tasks

Weekly Schedule

Week 1: January 4
Course introduction. Survey of Illustration: From Durer to Digital.
Introduction to illustrating with dry media.
Drawing fundamentals – “Line and Shape”.
Project 1 assigned: Illustration of the Classical Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water). Due week 3 January 18.

Week 2: January 11
Geometry of Composition.
How to develop a pictorial focal point and directionality. Explore “Golden Section” and other compositional aids.
Review Project 1.

Week 3: January 18
Form and Colour.
Drawing fundamentals – “ Form and Colour”
Rendering form using light and shadow.
Using colour to create form.
Project 1 due. Critique
Project 2: Updated Children’s Book Cover Illustration. Due week 5 Feb 1.

Week 4: January 25
Drawing fundamentals – “Pattern and Texture”
Introduction to wet media.

Week 5: February 1
Introduction to Digital Forms.
Explore Adobe Illustrator’s ability to create and manipulate shapes and digital forms.
Project 3: Create an “Everyday Monster”. Due Week 8 March 1.

Week 6 : February 8
Textures, Masks and Blend Modes.
Examine the creation and use of textures in both traditional and digital media.
Project 2 Due

Week 7: Feb 22
Digital Colour.

Week 8: March 1
Project 3 Due.

Create and utilize patterns using traditional and digital media.
Project 4: Symbols, Icons and Index project. Due week 11 March 22.

Week 9: March 8
Digital Painting.
Explore Photoshop’s brushes and painting workspace.

Week 10: March 15
Digital Mixed Media.
Explore Photoshop’s tools for creating composite imagery using both traditional and digital imagery.

Week 11: March 22
Project 4 is due.
Digital Painting
Project 5: Create an editorial portrait of a well know person. Due week 13 April 5.

Week 12: March 29

Week 13: April 5
Project 5 due.