GD216 Illustration I – Course Outline

Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Sept. 7
Course introduction. Survey of Illustration: From Durer to Digital .
Introduction to illustrating with dry media.
Drawing fundamentals – “Line and Shape”.
Project 1 assigned: Set of illustrations of the Classical Elements. Due week 3.

Week 2:  Sept. 14
Geometry of Composition.
Developing a pictorial focal point and directionality. Explore the “Golden Section” and other compositional aids.
Review Project 1.

Week 3:  September 21
Form and Colour.
Drawing fundamentals – “Form and Colour”
Rendering form using light and shadow.
Using colour to create form.
Project 2: Childrens book cover illustration. Due week 8.

Week 4:  September 28
Traditional Mixed Media
Introduction to mixed media. Bring your paints!

Week 5:  October 5
Introduction to Digital Forms.
Introduction to Adobe Illustrator’s ability to create and manipulate shapes and digital forms.
Project 3: Using Adobe Illustrator create an “everyday monster”. Due Week 9

Week 6: October 12
Illustrator’s Brush Tools
Class Exercise: Create

Week 7: October 19
Textures, Masks and Blend Modes.
Examine the creation and use of textures in both traditional and digital media.
Review Project 3.

Week 8: October 26
Digital Compositing in Photoshop
Explore Photoshop’s tools for creating composite imagery using both traditional and digital imagery. Examine techniques for creating “silkscreen effect”.
Project 2. Due.
Review Project 3.

Week 9: November 2
Digital Painting
Explore Photoshop’s brush and painting tools.
Project 3 Due.
Project 4: Create an editorial portrait. Due week 13.

Week 10: November 9
Digital Painting  – continued

Week 11: November 16
Demo: Photoshop Compositing for Illustration.

Week 12: November 23
Review Project 4.

Week 13: November 30
Project 4 Due
General Review.