GD216 Illustration I – Course Outline

Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Jan. 3
Course introduction. Survey of Illustration: From Durer to Digital .
Introduction to illustrating with dry media.
Drawing fundamentals – “Line and Shape”.
Project 1 assigned: Set of illustrations of the Classical Elements. Due week 3.

Week 2:  Jan. 10
Geometry of Composition.
Developing a pictorial focal point and directionality. Explore the “Golden Section” and other compositional aids.
Review Project 1.

Week 3:  Jan. 17
Form and Colour.
Drawing fundamentals – “Form and Colour”
Rendering form using light and shadow.
Using colour to create form.
Project 2: Childrens book cover illustration. Due week 8.

Week 4:  Jan. 24
Traditional Mixed Media
Introduction to mixed media. Bring your paints!

Week 5:  Jan. 31
Introduction to Digital Forms.
Introduction to Adobe Illustrator’s ability to create and manipulate shapes and digital forms.
Project 3: Using Adobe Illustrator create an “everyday monster”. Due Week 9

Week 6: Feb. 7
Illustrator’s Brush Tools
Class Exercise: Create

Week 7: Feb. 21
Textures, Masks and Blend Modes.
Examine the creation and use of textures in both traditional and digital media.
Review Project 3.

Week 8: Feb. 28
Digital Compositing in Photoshop
Explore Photoshop’s tools for creating composite imagery using both traditional and digital imagery. Examine techniques for creating “silkscreen effect”.
Project 2. Due.
Review Project 3.

Week 9: Mar. 7
Digital Painting
Explore Photoshop’s brush and painting tools.
Project 3 Due.
Project 4: Create an editorial portrait. Due week 13.

Week 10: Mar. 14
Digital Painting  – continued

Week 11: Mar. 21
Exploring 3d Programs
Explore SketchUp’s tools for creating three dimensional imagery and how to use it in your layouts.

Week 12: Mar. 28
Review Project 4.

Week 13: April 4
Project 4 Due
General Review.