Looping GIF Animation – IDES 237

Create a looping animation on the theme of Graphic Design School Students to accompany a documentary on the subject. Using the Graphic Design School Student Survey as a guide, create an animation about one of the following topics.

Career Expectations Survey (9 questions)

Work Habits Survey (7 questions)

Student Lifestyle Survey (10 questions)

Creative Inspirations Survey (7 questions)

Student Finances Survey (4 questions)

General Survey (4 questions)

You are free to come up with solutions outside of these categories. These animations will be used as title screens for a forthcoming documentary about graphic design students.


  • Size – 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels (standard high definition screen)
  • Frame Rate – 29.97
  • Duration: The loop duration should be between 4 to 10 seconds. Six seconds works well!

Below are some links to wonderful examples of looping GIF animations.

Bereznev Studio

Roman Muradov

Slim Jim Studios

Rebecca Mock

Chris Phillips