IDES 237: Project 4 – Illustrated Storyboards for Animation

Project Three: Illustrated Storyboards – Due Week 15.

Client: Science World at Telus World of Science

Science World is creating its own branded series of  animated explainer videos to be viewed on their Youtube channel. The name of the series is “Science World Videos” or “SWV”.

These videos are meant to explain a science related idea or concept to a young audience (7 – 13 years). As such they need to be as entertaining as they are informative.

Brief: Create an illustrated storyboard for a short (2 – 3 min) explainer video on a science related topic. An illustrated storyboard is different than a regular storyboard in that the artwork in the illustrated storyboard is meant to be used as final artwork in the actual animation. The artwork can be created in any way, but I advise laying it out in Illustrator.

Some possible science related ideas are listed below. Feel free to choose one of your own.


For this project you will have to wear several different hats.

  • writer – responsible for concept and story development as well as all text to be displayed or spoken
  • director/editor – establishes the shot sequence (what is being shown and when), pacing and how to frame visual elements
  • art director/designer/illustrator – responsible for developing visual elements including character design and “illustrated storyboards”
  • animator – responsible for moving the visual elements on the screen



First, the big question. “How many panels do I need to create?”

The number of panels in your storyboard will depend on the complexity of the story you are trying to tell. You’ll need to create as many as you need to adequately convey your story to a viewer. But don’t create so many artboards that you are beginning to work on elements best left to the animation phase. If I have to put a number on it, no less than 10 panels and no more than 25.

• video/storyboard size – 1920 px by 1080 px – this is standard HD screen size.

• you must include a title screen.

Below are some examples.