IDES 212 – Project 2: Interactive Science Module

Project Two: Science Interactive Module – Due Week 10 March 17

Client: Science World would like to recreate the “Science World Experience” online.

Brief: Create an interactive science module that “explains” a science concept. Some possible science concepts are:

  • The water cycle
  • The greenhouse gas effect
  • Echolocation in bats
  • The digestive system
  • How do solar panels work?
  • Biography of Albert Einstein
  • etc.



• Science module can be no smaller than 500 x 500 pixels and no larger than 1000 x 1000.
• It must feature some level of interactivity (e.g. a rollover animation).
• Make it fun – remember your target audience.

This website covers many great science topics at a level appropriate for kids.

NGX Interactive is a Vancouver based studio that creates these kinds of interactive experiences for institutions like Science World.

Due Week 10.