IDES 237: Digital Illustration I – Course Outline

Course Overview: Building upon Digital Applications I & II, this course will focus on developing strong conceptual approaches to the creation of digital illustration. At the same time we’ll learn the advanced illustration techniques available in Illustrator and Photoshop. Some attention will be paid to the fields of animation, motion graphics and illustration using 3d software.

Week 1  Jan 10
Review of Digital Illustration.
Lecture: What is digital illustration today? What are the definable styles, methods and techniques emerging in the field of digital illustration?
Demo: Creating an illustration with Adobe Illustrator.
Project 1: Illustrate an “Everyday Monster” using Illustrator. Due week 3.

Week 2 Jan 17
Using Adobe Illustrator.
Participatory Demo: Explore Illustrator’s spontaneous capabilities for shape construction.
Review sketches and concepts for first project.

Week 3 Jan 24
More Adobe Illustrator.
• Demo: the Power of Illustrator’s Appearance Panel.
Project 1 due with critique.
Project 2: Create editorial illustration for magazine article. Due week 6

Week 4 Jan 31
More Adobe Illustrator.
• Creating custom brushes, patterns.

Weeks 5 Feb 7
Adobe Illustrator Effects.
• Participatory Demo: How to combine layer styles, blending modes, masks, brushes, and effects to create an illustration.
• Examine online illustration resources for self directed learning.

Reading Week
No class.

Week 6  Feb 21
Project 2 due. Critique.
Project 3: Conceptual portrait using Photoshop’s Brush and Mixer Brush tools. Due week 10.

Week 7 Feb 28
Painting in Photoshop 1. Rendering
• Participatory Demo: Using Photoshop’s brush engine to create a responsive brush for rendering.
• Utilizing Tool Presets
• Create a rendered environment.

Week 8 Mar 7
Painting in Photoshop 2. Texture
• Participatory Demo: Using the Photoshop’s brush engine to create textured brushes.
• Emulating traditional media

Week 9 Mar 14
Painting in Photoshop 3. Colour
• Participatory Demo: Creating a “painting palette”.
• Mixing colours with the Mixer Brushes

Week 10 Mar 21
Project 3 due.
Project 4: Create illustrated storyboard for animated sequence. Due week 15.

Week 11 Mar 28
Lecture/Demo: Creating assets for motion design.
Review concepts for Project 4.

Week 12 April 4
Introduction to After Effects.
Demo: Turning a static illustration into a dynamic animation.

Week 13 April 11
Introduction to 3D Programs.
Demo: Using SketchUp to create 3-D models.

Week 14 Apr 18
Compositing in Photoshop.
Demo: Merging diverse imagery to create a unified illustration.

Review Project 4.

Week 15 Apr 25
Project 4 due.

Evaluation Profile:

Assignment 1 Everyday Monsters:                                10%
Assignment 2 Georgia Straight Editorial:                   30%
Assignment 3 Conceptual Portrait:                               25%
Assignment 4 Storyboards for Animation:                            30%
Participation:                                                                      15%