GD 216 – Everyday Monsters Illustration


We’ve all been there. The day where everything goes wrong. You run over the garbage can, the driver behind you flips you the finger, you forgot to pay a bill and now the phone’s ringing all the time. Sometimes it can feel like there’s little monsters pulling at the strings of our lives.

Using Adobe Illustrator, create an illustration of an “everyday monster” – a common experience anthropomorphized (monstermorphized?) as some sort of monster or creature. The following list is but a sample of possible things to turn into monsters.

  • High Gas Prices
  • Getting Dumped
  • Long Bus Rides
  • Getting Sick/Illness
  • Debt
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Email Overload
  • Looming Deadline
  • Etc.

The character is going to be used in an animated commercial, so keep the characters movements in mind while designing. This project is both an exercise in character design and visual metaphor. We are fusing both the endless morphology of monsters (scales, eyes, horns, claws, warts, teeth, ears, hair etc.) with the visual representation of a shared common experience.

Please create sketches for at least three different monsters. Choose one and complete it using Adobe IIllustrator. Due Week 9, November 2.

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Alberto Cerriteno

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