GD303 – Dynamic Media II: Storytelling


In this course, students will build on the skills they aquired in GD 203 Dynamic Media I. In addition to effectively planning and executing dynamic media assignments for their target audience, students will analyze information and data sets and organize them into dynamic presentations. Students will be introduced to the creation and integration of video assest into their dynamic media projects as well as character animation. Finally students will learn to implement their dynamic media projects in an online environment. 

Week 1: January 5

Dynamic Media and Narrative.
Survey of contempary video/motion design in visual storytelling (short films to movie trailers).
Examine the video production process – from script to storyboard, from filming to final edit.
Demo: Introduction to Adobe Premier Pro
Project 1: Create a short video/animation featuring branded content (e.g. logo reveal, packaging). Due Week 3.

Week 2: January 12
Video Editing and Narrative.
Explore examples of video editing and the effect on narrative flow.
Class Exercise: Using Premier edit a video sequence for narrative effect.
Review project 1.

Week 3: January 19
Dynamic Editing in Premier Pro
Class Exercise: Edit a video sequence using dynamic techniques.
Project 1 Due. Critique.
Project 2: Create a self promotional video/animation to be shown at the GDD Grad Show. Due week 10.

Week 4: January 26
Sound Design
Examine how audio effects messaging in motion design.
Class Exercise: Using supplied audio create an effects track and a background track within Premier Pro.
Review Project 2.

Week 5: February 2
Advanced Character Animation
Class Exercise: Using Character Animator create a short animation.
Review Project 2.

Week 6 : February 9
Creating and Editing Virtual Cameras in After Effects
Demo: Creating a dynamic camera rig system.
Class Exercise: Create a short animation using a virtual camera.
Review Project 2..

Week 7: February 23
3d in After Effects
Introduction to Cinema 4d within After Effect

Week 8: March 2
Review Project 2.

Week 9: March 9
Review Project 2.

Week 10: March 16
Dynamic Presentations
Survey the properties of dynamic presentations.
Class Exercise: Create a presentation using Apple’s Keynote.

Project 3 – Create a Portfolio Presentation and Demo Reel. Due week 13

Week 11: March 23
Presentations Online
Demo: Use keynote to create a web based presentation.
Review Project 3

Week 12: March 30
Review Project 3.

Week 13: April 6
Project 3 Due. Critique.