GD303 – Dynamic Media II: Storytelling


In this course, students will build on the skills they aquired in GD 203 Dynamic Media I. In addition to effectively planning and executing dynamic media assignments for their target audience, students will analyze information and data sets and organize them into dynamic presentations. Students will be introduced to the creation and integration of video assest into their dynamic media projects as well as character animation. Finally students will learn to implement their dynamic media projects in an online environment. 

Week 1: January 5
Introduction to Motion Design.
• Introduce the properties of motion and the ‘Principles of Animation’.
• Discuss the vocabulary of motion design.
•  Examine how motion is utilized in visual communication
• Introduction to the programs used to create motion graphics
Exercise 1: Complete online tutorial series
Project 1: Create a short kinetic type animation (15 – 30 seconds long) using an audio clip of your choice. Due Week 5.

Week 2: January 12
Animating with After Effects.
Lecture/Demo: Animation Demo.
• Working with AE’s timeline.
• Introduction to keyframes and interpolation.
• Explore timeline properties (TRAPS)
Review project 1.

Week 3: January 19
Demo – Kinetic Type
• Create simple kinetic text animation with AE on a single timeline.
• Applying the principles of animation.
• Explore ease in/out property.

Week 4: January 26
The Power of Nested Timelines
• Create nested composition within After Effects
Class Exercise: Create short animation using multiple timelines.
Review Assignment 1.

Week 5: February 2
Assignment 1 Due.
Lights, Camera, Action
• Introduction to Cameras, Lights and 3d space
• Explore Shadows and Materials
• Rendering a movie from AE.
Class Exercise: Create short animation using cameras in 3d space.
Project 2: Create short form animation to be used for self promotion. Due Week 9.

Week 6 : February 9
Introduction to Video using Adobe Premier Pro.
• Capturing Video
• Importing and editing video
• Compositing video
• Rendering a movie from AE and Premier.
Review project 2.

Week 7: February 23
Importing Multimedia Files
• Importing Audio into AE
• Motion Tracking
Class Exercise: Import a movie and modify it’s properties.
Review assignment 2

Week 8: March 2
Intermediate Animation
Demo: Animating in AE
• Introduction to spacial interpolation
• What is the Graph Editor?
• Parenting and character animation

Week 9: March 9
Project 2 due.
Working in 3d Space
• Introduction to Null Objects
• Controlling a Camera in 3d space
Project 3: Create a short form video to be used for self promotion. Due week 13.

Week 10: March 16
The Power of Effects
Demo: Using effects in AE
• Introduction to the effects palette,
• Controlling color within AE
Class Exercise: Create short animation using effects.
Review project 3

Week 11: March 23
Review  project 3

Week 12: March 30
Critique Project 2
Review Project 3

Week 13: April 6
Project 3 Due.