GD303 Dynamic Media – Short Form Video Projects 2 and 3

Create two short form videos (10 – 15 seconds) that feature your creative talents. The video is intended to be played at the grad show in April, but it could also be used in your own self promotional efforts. If you’ve established a personal visual identity you can include it, however it isn’t strictly necessary.The brevity of the format means you have to be clear with your imagery and storytelling.

Project 2 should feature animation in some way. Animation includes:

  • shape animation
  • kinetic typography
  • character animation
  • looping gifs

Project 3 should feature video in some way. Video includes:

  • narrative video
  • documentary
  • stop motion
  • cinemagraphs

If you want to combine video and animation, you may. If you wish to create two videos featuring only video or only animation, you may. If you want to create just one longer video (20 to 30 seconds) you may.

These projects are both due week 13 April 6.