GD101 Graphic Design Fundamentals – Abbotsford Winter 2017

Week 1: January 6
Introduction to the Elements and Principles of Graphic Design
The uses and limits of visual perception in graphic design.
Unity and Complexity – The Principles of Gestalt
Exercise 1: Iterative Drawing – Spontaneous Compositions and Transformations using traditional and digital tools.
Homework: Create a variety of lines, dots, shapes using a variety of tools (brush, pen, found materials).
Project 1: Create four patterns to represent the classical elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water using the graphic elements, dots, lines, shapes, texture, letterforms, natural forms, etc. Due week 3.

Week 2: January 13
Graphic Design History: From Pre-Industrial to Plakatstil (Object Posters).
Continued exploration of graphic elements and principles.
Exercise: Scan and digitize the homework assignment and convert into a pattern.
Exercise: Use traditional and digital tools to create a pattern a la Marian Bantjes
Review Project 1

Week 3: January 20
Unity and Complexity – The Principles of Gestalt
Exercise 1: Mind Maps – critical analysis , creative synthesis and visual metaphor
Project 1 Due. Critique
Project 2. Create a pictogram/logo for a local microbrew’s latest offering. It should reflect a modernist sensibility. Due week 6.

Week 4: January 27
Lecture – Graphic Design History – Earlier Modernism and the Influence of Modern Art
Typography : Properties, Hierarchy and Meaning
Review Project 2

Week 5: February 3
Colour – Hue, Saturation and Brightness. Colour Harmonies.
Exercise: Create a value scale colour bar. Create a Colour Wheel.
Lecture/Demo – Understanding Colour in the Digital Environment.
Exercise: Create three colour groups – Neutral – Vibrant – Calm

Week 6 : February 10
Lecture – Graphic Design History: The Bauhaus.
Project 2 Due. Critique
Homework: Take 10 photos of “texture” in your environment.
Project 3: Using photography and typography, create a “visual essay” about a person, place or thing of your choice. Due week 9.

Week 7: February 24
Photographic Imagery: Shot and Found
Creating a photographic tableau.
Compositing found photography in Photoshop.
Review Project 3

Week 8: March 3
Graphic Design History: Modernity in America
Introduction to Compositional Principles – From the Golden Section to the 960 Grid.
Exercise: Deconstruct an existing layout to find the underlying grid.
Review Project

Week 9: March 10
Project 3 Due. Critique.
Design Thinking and the Designer as Social Agent. Mind the Gap
Exercise: Use the techniques of Design Thinking (Desirablity, Possiblity, Feasiblity) to solve a problem.
Project 4: Create two posters using modern design principles to create insite into a social issue. Due week 13.

Week 10: March 17
Lecture – An Introduction to Typography – From Body Copy to Display Type
Hierarchy and Meaning
Exercise: Create a meaningful typographic hierarchy for a given text.
Review project 4.

Week 11: March 24
Lecture – Graphic Design History: American Mid-Century Modern to Post Modern/Punk
Review Project 4

Week 12:  March 31
Graphic Design History Quiz
Review Project 4.

Week 13:  April 7
Project 4 due. Critique.