GD 203: Project Three – ParticipACTION PSA

Brief: Create a short (15 – 30 second) PSA (Public Service Advertisement) commercial for ParticipACTION encouraging Canadians to get more active. You can use typography, animated shapes, video, character animation or any combination of these. The commercial can use any audio you wish but please be aware that due to copyright laws we might have a problem putting it online. If you want to use a voice over please consider the creation of a script.


  • 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels
  • 15 – 30 seconds in length
  • must feature the ParticipACTION  logo

Due Week 13

ParticipACTION is a national non profit organization who’s mandate is to encourage Canadians to get more exercise. Formed in 1971 after statistics of the poor health of Canadians and the spiralling cost of health care persuaded the Canadian government to fund the educational program.

It’s commercials and PSA videos are broadcast nationwide and the brand has a very high profile among Canadians. It’s very first commercial in 1973 became (in)famous as it compared the fitness of the average 30 year old Canadian with that of a 60 year old Swede. This highlights the key issue when considering messaging to people who might be resistant to the message. You must walk a fine line between shaming and inspiring. Too much of either can turn people off. Take a look at the commercials below and see how each walks that line. (Whatever your message, it’s easier to get it across when you use humour.)

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