GD 203: Dynamic Media I – Course Outline


Week 1: September 6
Introduction to Motion Design.
• Introduce the properties of motion and the ‘Principles of Animation’.
• Discuss the vocabulary of motion design.
• Examine how motion is utilized in contemporary visual communications
• Introduction to After Effects
Exercise 1: Complete online tutorial series on animating with After Effects.
Project 1: Create a short kinetic type animation (15 – 30 seconds long) using one in a series of quotations about design. Due Week 5.

Week 2: September 13 
Animating Type in After Effects.
Lecture/Demo: Type animation demo.
• Create a kinetic type animation using AE’s presets.
• Create a kinetic type animation using AE’s type animators.
Review project 1.

Week 3: September 20
Working with 3D Space and Objects
Demo – 3d in After Effects
• Create a simple 3d scene using multiple layers in 3d space.
• Using Cinema 4d to create 3D objects.
Review project 1.

Week 4: October 27
Lights, Camera, Action
• Introduction to virtual cameras and lights .
• Explore shadow and material settings.
Class Exercise: Create short animation using cameras in 3d space.
Review project 1

Week 5: October 4
Assignment 1 Due.
Animating Shape Layers in After Effects
• Explore the Shape Layer animation properties.
• Explore the Stroke animation preset
• Animating imported Adobe Illustrator vector shapes and strokes.
Project 2: Create an animation that transitions between a set of illustrated icons.
Due Week 9.

Week 6 : October 11
More Shape Animation
• Exploring the Repeater animation property.
• Using transition presets and layer track mattes to create compex transitions.
Review Assignment 2

Week 7: October 18
Advanced Audio Synchronization
• Importing Audio into AE
• Using waveform graph to determine beat and animation pacing.
• Create an animation driven by audio waveform.
Review assignment 2

Week 8: October 25
Intermediate Animation
• Introduction to the Wiggler panel
• Creating natural effects using particle simulators
Review Project 2

Week 9: November 1
Project 2 Due. Critique.
Video Editing in After Effects
• Importing Video and setting frame rate
• Editing and compositing video and graphic elements
• Motion tracking video
Project 3 – Create a short form video for a local company/service. Due week 13

Week 10: November 8
Creating a “Stop Motion” Style Animation
• Setting frame rate for video to create stop motion effect.
• Using expressions to control looping compositions.
Review project 3

Week 11: November 15
Preparing Video for the  Web
Review Project


Week 12: November 22
Frame to frame Animation in Photoshop
• Create a short animation using Photoshop.
Review project 3

Week 13: November 29
Project 3 Due. Critique.

Evaluation Profile
Project 1 – 30%
Project 2 – 35%
Project 3 – 35%

Term total 100%

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