GD 157 Digital Design Media I – Course Outline


This course introduces digital design applications for image making in both vector and raster formats. Content-driven projects combined with workshops will focus on creating images for different types of media and using the right tool for the right tasks. This introduction to digital imaging should provide a basic foundation of skills with Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator and Bridge

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Describe the capabilities of digital image software and continue investigation through self-directed learning
• Use software and industry specific terminology, menus, and navigation
• Discern which tool to use for which task and which media
• Set up preferences and create new documents
• Apply essential keyboard and navigation shortcuts
• Apply software automation features to do more in less time
• Implement best workflow techniques for font management, importing, enhancing, and printing images from scanners and digital cameras
• Use grids for page structure in the application of typography
• Create raster format images and vector-based digital graphics
• Attain proficiency using digital imaging software
• Execute the requirements for print and digital design projects, utilizing skills to formulate content

Week 1 – Sept. 8
Lecture: Introduction to Illustrator and Photoshop as image making tools.
Lecture: Introduction to Graphic Design.
Tools & Skills: Pen tool techniques, shapes, bezier curves, points, layers, grouping & stacking order.
Exercise 1: Pen tool an existing logo using Illustrator’s pen tool.
Project 1: Create a logo for local non profit society City Farms. Due Class 4

Week 2 – Sept. 15

Lecture/Demo: The Shape and Shape Modification tools
Introduction to the Appearance panel
Exercise 2: Create an illustration using the Shape tools. Review Project 1

Week 3 – Sept. 22
Lecture/Demo: The Brush Tools in Illustrator
Tools and Skills: Shape tools, layer panels, appearance panel
Exercise 3: Create a painterly portrait using Illustrator’s brushes.
Review Project 1

Week 4 – Sept. 29

Digital Colour
Lecture/Demo: Using Image Trace to create vector graphics
Tools and Skills: Image trace, colour panel, colour harmony, Live Paint tool.
Exercise 4: Create a cubist inspired image and colour it using the Live Paint.
Project 1 due. Critique
Project 2: Create an illustrated icon set for City Farms. Due week 9.

Week 5 – Oct. 6
Blend Modes and Opacity Masking in Illustrator and Photoshop
Tools and Skills: Masking tools, opacity masks, blending modes,
Exercise 5: Creating a textured and weathered sign.
Review Project 1.

Week 6 – Oct 13
Field trip to Mural Festival in Vancouver.

Week 7 – Oct. 20
Working in 3d in Photoshop and Illustrator
Tools and Skills: Converting 2d shapes to 3d objects, mapping textures to surfaces, modifying shapes
Exercise 6: Create a 3d package.
Review Project 2

Week 8 – Oct. 27
Compositing Techniques with Layer Masks
Tools & Skills: Pen tool, refine edge techniques, creating clipping masks, adjustment layers drop shadow, outerglow, gradient techniques.
Exercise 7: Create a composite image using provided photos
Review project 2.

Week 9 – Nov. 3
Photo Retouching in Photoshop
Tools & Skills: Clone, patch, healing brush, content aware fill, blur, sharpen, dodge & burn
Exercise 8: Retouching a portrait.
Project 2 Due.
Project 3: Create a poster for City Farms Farmers’ Market. Due Week 13.

Week 10  – Nov. 10
Remembrance Day

Week 11 – Nov. 17
Type in Illustrator
Tools & Skills: Character Panel, converting text to outlines, pathfinder, guides, managing fonts, layout
Exercise 10: Layout a brochure in Illustrator. Text to be provided.
Review Project 3

Week 12 – Nov. 24
Creating Web Graphics
Exercise 11: Create a website layout using Illustrator and Photoshop and export the artwork for web. Create an animated gif.
Tools and Skills: Export for Web panel, web optimized imagery, Scalable Vector Graphics.
Review Project 3.

Week 13 – Dec. 1
General Review
Project 3 Due.