GD 157: Second Project – City Farms Icon Set

Now that the City Farms Society has a logo, they’ll need some supporting imagery that they can use in their marketing. They want you to design a set of icons to represent at least four of the following categories.

  • Farm – Be it a field or a backyard, any plot of land that is turned over to producing food.
  • Food – Whatever comes from these plots of land. Remember, the Farmers Market also has members who sell baked and canned goods.
  • Community – The group of people that are brought together to produce and market their wares, as well as those who buy them.
  • Farm Academy – The training program that helps aspiring farmers learn to choose, prepare, and cultivate their patch of land.
  • Farmers Market – The monthly market held in summer that opens it’s booths and tables to members of the City Farms society.
  • Community Outreach – The ongoing communications campaign to promote the ideals of localized food production. Presentations given at schools and for other community organizations.

The icons must comprise a stylistically consistent set of images.

The City Farms marketing will consist of both print and digital media, which means the icon set will be seen in a wide variety of sizes and media surfaces, all while maintaining its visual coherence. This would suggest simplified forms and clear compositions to be the best approach.

Due Week 9, Nov 3rd.

Below are some great examples of attractive and consistent icon sets.