GD 101 Project 4 – Photographic Essay and Video

Create a Photographic Essay on a subject of your choice (person, place or thing).

A photographic essay is a set of photographs (more than two) that explores its subject from multiple perspectives in an attempt to reveal not only it’s form but also something of it’s larger context and meaning.

You will use your photographs to make a presentation on your subject using Keynote presentation software and then export that presentation as a video. The photographic essay must include a photomontage/composite image.

Please use as much or as a little typography as you feel you would like to include.

When photographing your subject consider these ideas.

  • Establishing Shot – Try to convey the subject in its fullest context. That usually means showing the setting by pulling back from your subject.
  • Telling Detail – Your photographs should show a variety of perspectives including close up detail shots, particularly details that suggest a narrative (change over time).
  • Narrative Arc – Consider your thematic “story” and whether it includes a Beginning Middle and End.
  • Portraiture – If your subject is a person then this is obvious. However if your subject is not a person, do try to capture the people who interact and engage with your subject.
  • Action/Gesture – Be conscious of the activity level of your pictures. Action and gesture can often be the surprise heart of a photographic series.
  • Unity – Be conscious of your photos visual consistency. If one is black and white then they should all be black and white.

Specs/Deliverables: Photographic Essay must include at least 6 photos. It can have as many as you want but remember editing is the heart of storytelling!

Video: You will export your video from Keynote at 1280 x 720 pixels in mp4 format. It can be as long as you like but remember the above. The video should also have audio, either a narrated talk or a soundtrack.

Due Week 11. Nov 26.