GD 101 – Project 1 : 100 Iterations

On separate 2″x 2″ squares create 100 graphic interpretations of the same subject. The “subject” can be a real thing (dog) or a concept (love). It is sometimes interesting when your subject is both real and conceptual (ring, home, light, cold, space etc.).

You must include at least 1 image of each of the following graphic element types.

  • Pattern
  • Texture
  • Photography
  • Typography
  • Pictogram

Mount the squares on a piece of foam core. Due week 3.

Step 1: Research – How have other people interpreted this subject? Look online. Don’t copy, but use what you find as inspiration. Keep notes and paste image ideas in your sketchbook. Research should always feel like a launching pad, when you feel the need to take off and begin creating, do so

Step 2: Visual Experimentation – Explore your subject visually by making many sketches. Don’t edit.

Step 3: Evaluate

Step 4: Execute


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