GD 101 – Project 1 : 100 Iterations

On separate 2″x 2″ squares create 100 graphic interpretations of the same subject. The “subject” can be a real thing (dog) or a concept (love). It is sometimes interesting when your subject is both real and conceptual (ring, home, light, cold, space etc.).

You must include at least 1 image of each of the following graphic element types.

  • Pattern or Texture
  • Photography
  • Typography
  • Visual Metaphor
  • Image Sequence

Mount the squares on a piece of foam core or other stiff card stock. Due week 5. October 15.

Step 1: Research – Make lists and mind maps that itemize the subjects properties and associations. Make notes and paste image ideas in your sketchbook. Keep in mind the major image categories: icon, index, symbol, active icon (visual metaphor)

Step 2: Visual Experimentation – Explore your subject visually by making many sketches. Be open to the unexpected combination. Don’t edit.

Step 3: Evaluate.

Step 4: Execute.

You have roughly four weeks. That’s roughly 4 a day. Good Luck!


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