GD 101 – Project 2: Soap Package Design

Brauer_Giovina_SoapBoxCreate a package design for ONE of the following three soap brands.

Brand One – Trouble (suggested name)
Target market:
Women 37 – 49 years of age (Generation X)


Brand Two – Bliss (suggested name)
Target market:
young women  10 – 20 years of age (Generation Z)


Brand Three – Big Woods (suggested name)
Men 20 – 38 years of age (Millenial Generation)

Here is another article on generational marketing.


The Specs
The suggested soap box size is 4 inches long, 2.75 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep. Please consider all sides of the box in your design. Due Week 8, November 5.

Click here to download the diecut illustrator file.

Click to see previous student work for this project.

Below are some wonderful package designs that feature illustration. To see more great packaging please visit Lovely Package, a curated selection of some the best packaging to be found on the web.