GD 157 First Project: City Farms Logo

1398796329449Our client is a non-profit society called City Farms. It’s mandate is to promote farming in urban environments by providing space and training to urbanites who want to grow their own food. As well, by operating a monthly farmers market in the summer, it helps city farmers who want to sell their produce. It’s motto is “Farms, Food, Community”. City Farms is a registered member of the BC Association of Farmers Markets.

The society provides training and weekly workshops to anyone who wants to turn a plot of land, big or small, into a farm, It also arranges apprenticeships for people who want to volunteer on farms.

A farmers market, where the City Farms members can sell their produce occurs monthly in the parking lot of a large urban park. Members are aloud to bring their own signage, but advertising for the farmers market is the responsibility of the City Farms society.

You have been asked by City Farms to produce a logo for their society and a poster advertising the farmers market.

Logo Design BriefDesign a logo for City Farms. It should be appealing to urbanites as that will be the target market. Ideally the logo should combine the contrasting environments of the city and farm into one fused metaphor. The logo should look good in both black and white and in colour. Due Class 6.

Here is another great collection of logos!

Below are some images and video that capture the organic quality of the farmers market aesthetic.