Great Online After Effects Tutorials

It seems that the number of online tutorials for graphics programs is growing daily, with tutorials about motion graphics beings some of the most plentiful.  I’m always amazed to see what is available. I’ve linked to some of the better ones but do your own search and you will find dozens of others.

The Art of the Title Sequence

The Art of the Title Sequence compiles the best title sequences to be found on the net. Not only that, but in-depth interviews with the creative people behind the work and inclusion of development files really makes this site worth some study. The interviews and development files for the title sequence of “A Kiss from Tokyo” are exceptional. Take a look.

Free Online Illustration Workshops

I’m constantly amazed at the availability of quality online illustration tutorials. Here are some links to some of the better ones.

The CG Society is an online organization that promotes the digital arts. I was especially impressed with this latest post, that includes an hour long video of Marta Dahlig painting in Photoshop.

Imagine FX is a magazine that focuses on digital painting, primarily in the sci-fi and fantasy genre, although they do also have some lovely portraiture tutorials. Their website has nearly the entire magazine (past and present issues) available for download, including support files (PS files, brushes etc.).

Computer Arts is another magazine with a load of online content, across a wide variety of topics, from illustration to ActionScript coding.

Digital Arts has free tutorials on a variety of topics, although sometimes not of the greatest quality.

2D Artist is an online magazine that makes portions of their issues available for free PDF download. Often the tutorials are low res. To get the entire hi res issue, you have to pay. However once you’ve had a chance to look over the issue it’s easy to decide whether paying for it is worth it. Great tutorials often make the choice an easy one.

This is just a partial list of what’s available. I’ll make another post with more links soon. If you know of a site and want to let “the world” know, send me a link.

Imaginary Forces

Imaginary Forces is a Los Angeles based motion design studio. Although best known for their pioneering movie title sequences, they also produce lovely television and web based work. See more of their work on their website

Watch a video documentary/interview with IF’s founder Kyle Cooper after the jump. Continue reading

Paul Rand by Imaginary Forces

I’ve always loved Paul Rand’s work. It’s easy to forget what the visual vocabulary of graphic designers was like when Rand was working. The modernist aesthetic was predominant and could be cold. Rand took the simplicity of the modernists and humanized it while never compromising the works conceptual power.

Here is a a short film about Paul Rand’s ideas on art and design put together by one of the leading motion design studios, Imaginary Forces.

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