After Effects Kinetic Typography Tutorials

In this series of tutorials we’ll go through the entire process of creating a kinetic typography video in After Effects. We’ll start by creating a storyboard in Photoshop and then creating graphic assets in Illustrator. We’ll then look at the best way to import those assets into After Effects. From there we’ll complete the animation in AE, where we’ll discuss workflow and important concepts like syncing audio and nesting animations. Download the source files and follow along.

There a many tutorials online as well. Here is just one of the better ones.

Freddie Wong and Rocket Jump

Freddie Wong is the granddaddy of Youtube creators. Almost from Youtube’s beginning Freddie Wong has been creating short form comedic action movies that have garnered millions of views and counting. Check out his youtube channel to see the great quality of his work. These videos turned into a film/production studio called Rocket Jump. Below is an interview Freddie did at the Vancouver Film School, where he discusses how he started.

Recently Rocket Jump has added a free online film school to their productions. Below is just one of the great videos created by Rocket Jump Film School.

Kyle Cooper – Master Movie Title Designer

Kyle Cooper is a movie title designer and director. With his companies, Imaginary Forces and later Prologue, Cooper has created some of the most memorable movie titles in cinema history. Although designing titles since the 80’s, it wasn’t until 1995 when he produced the title sequence for the movie Seven that Kyle Cooper became a design icon.

His moody and disturbing sequence was inspired by the post modern graphic design of 90’s print media. It was a wake up call for all future motion designers. Soon edgy, video sequencing was the default style for anyone trying to be relevant.

But Kyle Cooper’s strength isn’t his ability to wield the editor’s cutting blade faster than anyone else, it’s his ability to convey the emotional story of the movie without a stitch of dialogue or exposition. Take a look at some of his later work.

City Farms Poster – GD157 ’17

The students in GD157 – Digital Media I were asked to create a poster for the City Farms Society’s monthly farmers markets. Read the project brief here.

Editorial Portrait – GD216 Abby ’17

The students in GD216 Illustration I were asked to create an editorial portrait of a well known person. They could use Photoshop’s brush tools or create a composite. Read the project brief here.

GD216 ’17: Everyday Monster

The students in GD216 – Illustration I were asked to create an “everyday monster”. Here is the project brief.

GD157: City Farms Icons

The students of GD157 were asked to create a set of icons to reflect City Farms main concerns, Farm, Food, Community, Education, Farmers Market and Community Outreach. You can read the project brief here.